Call for Papers: Power and Empowerment

An interdisciplinary postgraduate conference at the University of Sheffield

Postgraduate researchers from the Department of Sociological Studies at the University of Sheffield invite you to our annual conference on Thursday 26th May 2011, at the Interdisciplinary Centre of the Social Sciences (ICOSS). Abstracts are invited from postgraduate students from across the social sciences, arts and humanities on the topic of power and empowerment.

Power and empowerment are an integral part of human interaction in everyday life and connect with themes of social justice, political and economic freedom, governance, identities, globalisation and development, class and social inequalities, material and digital culture, children and aging, gender and sex, science and technology, public health and social policy.

The conference will be an opportunity for postgraduate students to present and discuss a variety of research in a supportive atmosphere, get feedback and establish links with other postgraduate researchers.

Presentations are expected to last about 20 minutes, with time allowed for feedback and discussion. Please submit abstracts of 200-400 words to by Friday 29th April 2011. Places are limited so could all those who wish to attend (including speakers) please fill out the registration form at

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