Working Group for the Study of Medieval Sculpture (1100-1550)

Call for Papers: A Transatlantic Collaboration, Paris, 30-31 January 2012: “The Sculptural Medium”

This call for papers concerns the first conference of the Working group for the Study of Medieval Sculpture, which will take place in Paris. (Calls for the papers for the other two events will be announced throughout 2011/12.) In Paris our hosts will be the INHA, the Fondation Singer-Polignac, and the Musée du Louvre. The focus will be on the material aspects of sculpture, and the various methodological approaches developed for sculptural study. One particular axis will be the consideration of American and European traditions and methodologies, including British sculptural practice in the Medieval period.

Possible areas include:

– close consideration of sculpture’s qualities and the markers or traces
which lend themselves to appreciation (elements of carving style,
manipulation of techniques)
– markers or traces of the work’s provenance (analysis of the materials,
style) and dating (methodologies, ideologies and stakes in dating)
– methodological critique (historiography, l’archéologie du bâti,
– traces of use and function, consideration for sculpture in the round vs.
relief; indication of installation (on a portal, as an altarpiece ensemble)

Please submit proposals to :
Jean-Marie Guillouët (, Conseilleur
scientifique, INHA; Jack Hinton (, Assoc. Curator of
Decorative Arts, Philadelphia Museum of Art; Robert A. Maxwell
(, History of Art Dept., University of Pennsylvania

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