Vorticism Talk with Richard Cork @ Tate Britain

Wyndham Lewis, Composition, 1913

The Vorticists: Manifesto for a Modern World, Friday 22 July 2011

13.00–14.00, Tate Britain Auditorium

Vorticism was one of the truly avant-garde movements in British Art. Named by American poet Ezra Pound and led by the painter Wyndham Lewis the group embraced the maelstrom of the modern world. This talk at Tate Britain with art critic, historian and curator Richard Cork (who has written and researched widely on British Art, and curated the Wild Things: Epstein, Gaudier-Brzeska, Gill exhibition at the Royal Academy in 2009/10) expands on the exhibition’s themes, which draw on the only two exhibitions in the lifetime of the vorticist group, the iconic journal BLAST, and the importance of Anglo-American exchange in shaping the vorticists’ concerns and output – a must for British Art Researchers interested in British Modernism. Tickets cost £5 – you can book online or call 020 7887 8888.

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