Exhibition: Finding Adam – Jacob Epstein at Harewood House

Finding Adam: Jacob Epstein at Harewood House until 31st July 2011

Those British art researchers who managed to get to the Modern British Sculpture exhibition at the Royal Academy this year will need no introduction to Jacob Epstein’s uncompromisingly (and unavoidably) bold and assertive sculpture Adam – but if you want to move beyond the inital impression (whatever that may be) made on you by the sculpture, this exhibition at Harewood House until 31st July 2011 promises to tell “the untold story of Epstein’s masterpiece, Adam and the sculpture’s extraordinary journey from London to Blackpool, New York, Durban, Edinburgh and Harewood, and explains how the lives of the artist and Lord Harewood intertwined.  Carved from a single block of Derbyshire alabaster in 1938-9, Adam was, and remains, a powerful sculpture.” Adam is contextualised by Harewood with a number of other works by Epstein’s contemporaries, while the exhibition also considers the impact of Epstein on sculptors such as Henry Moore – who you can also see in exhibition at Leeds City Art Gallery. The Harewood website has a range of materials relating to the exhibition you can explore here.

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