Watts Gallery Re-Opens

Saturday 18th June 2011

The Watts Gallery in the village of Compton, Surrey, will re-open this weekend after a £10m restoration. To celebrate the refurbishment of the galleries and site, an exhibition Painting for the Nation: G. F. Watts at the Tate, will run at Tate Britain in the exhibitions gallery from the 18th June 2011 – 1st Januaury 2012, which showcases George Frederick Watts‘ most famous paintings, such as Found Drowned and Under a Dry Arch.  At the Watts Gallery itself there will be an exhibition that focuses on one of Watts’ most famous paintings (Hope, 1885-6 – it’s Barack Obama’s favourite painting) entitled Hope: World Icon. You can read the Guardian’s review of the beautiful new galleries here, and you can also read an in-depth article from Tate etc magazine in 2004 on Hope here.  As well as the galleries devoted to Watts’ work, the Watts Gallery site also contains the Watts Chapel designed by Mary Watts, which fuses art nouveau, celtic and egyptian art. Mary was a powerful artist in her own right, and the Gallery also includes a study centre where you can research more about both of them and their custom built gallery.

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