Fiona Bevan’s Musical Response to Richter’s “Cage Painting”

Fiona Bevan was commissioned by the Tate Modern to write a new piece – a musical response Gerhard Richter’s Cage paintings (2006). She performed it beneath Richter’s breathtaking paintings at the Tate Modern as part of their free Visual Dialogues celebration event, and was filmed by Spine TV.

Click here to see the video by Spine TV.

The sweet, fiery warblings of Suffolk’s Fiona Bevan have been compared to Erykah Badu, Joni Mitchell and Doris Day. Her oddball jazz-and-folk-inflected pop songs, with their cast of stumbling party-girls, fickle sailors, bored bubble-gum shop-girls, and forlorn lovers sleeping in trees, have taken her gigging in LA, Europe, and the UK gig/art/festival scene, and have been used on film, radio and TV.

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