Exhibition: Tony Cragg Sculptures and Drawings

Tony Cragg Sculptures and Drawings at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, 30th July – 6th November 2011

This exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art is Tony Cragg’s first museum show in Britain for more than a decade, and features around fifty major sculptures, some of which are on a huge scale and are sited in the Gallery’s grounds. Cragg has brought an investigative, intuitive approach to sculpture, using an extraordinary range of materials. He came to prominence in the late 1970s for works composed of brightly coloured plastic objects, but since the mid-1980s has worked extensively in other materials such as bronze, glass, stainless steel and wood. Focusing mainly on Cragg’s work from the past fifteen years, this exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to see new work by one of the world’s greatest living sculptors.

Born in Liverpool in 1949, Tony Cragg began his career as a laboratory assistant, helping to test, manipulate and develop different types of rubber. At the time he was also studying art, and began to use drawing to understand the experiments in the laboratory. Gradually, these drawings came to have more significance for him than the experiments themselves. Cragg’s background in science partly informed his imaginative approach to making sculpture. His work reflects an intense curiosity that has driven him to create, test, push and pull materials, to see what each one does most naturally: this has been a defining characteristic of Cragg’s work throughout his career.You can buy tickets online at nationalgalleries.org/tickets

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