Conference: The Postmodern Legacy, Victoria & Albert Museum

The Postmodern Legacy, 29th October 2011, Victoria and Albert Museum, Hochhauser Auditorium, Sackler Centre, 11.00am-16.30

Ah, po-mo: derivative pastiche or countercultral critque? Antidote to Modernism’s reifying purity or obfuscating tangle? A done deal or a vitally alive ethic?  Held in conjunction with the V&A’s upcoming blockbuster exhibition Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970-1990, this conference will tackle Postmodernism’s contested legacy (or continued relevance) head-on, with the exhibition curators Glen Adamson and Jane Pavitt on hand to provide some illumination into what is often considered one of the more torturous ‘isms’. They will be joined by experts from across the various fields of architecture, design, fashion and graphics, and will be debating the presence of the past, dystopia versus utopia and the products and people who designed for and against global capitalism in the 70s and 80s.  You can download the full programme here, and book tickets for both the symposium and the exhibition here.

If you’re a London-based researcher, there are a huge range of other events and workshops being run alongside the exhibition, including a short crash-course in the essential tenets of postmodernism entitled Redux: Postmodernism Revisited, Architecture, Design and Culture starting on the 4th October 2011; a study day for fashionistas (or those of us who remember their shell-suits with fondness) on Designing the Decades: the 1980s, and Craving, Collecting and Caring: Album Covers, a seminar on album cover artwork. Once the V&A have finished with us, then, there’ll be no excuse for not engaging with this controversial phenomena – whether you believe in it or not.

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