Conference: The Wonder of Alice – Images, Myths and Realities

Friday 18th November 2011, Tate Liverpool Auditorium, 9.30am – 5.00pm

This symposium in connection with Tate Liverpool‘s current Alice in Wonderland exhibition  offers a programme of sessions which will consider and reflect on the enduring appeal of Alice and the influence of her adventures on artistic thinking and practice. Alice’s journey of discovery prompts questions about the nature of childhood, identity and the imagination that have provided rich inspiration for artists. Focusing on the figure of Alice, speakers explore the symbolism of the stories and its relation to art theory and practice, and Alice’s contemporary relevance in the 21st century.

Chaired by Dr Josie Billington (University of Liverpool) an expert on Victorian literary realism, the panel includes Dame Gillian Beer, King Edward VII Professor Emeritus at the University of Cambridge, Dr Catherine Grant, Courtauld Institute of Art, Dr Juliet Hacking, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Dr Carol Mavor, Professor of Art History and Visual Studies at the University of Manchester, Dr Robert Rowland Smith, Prize Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, author and lecturer in philosophy, and Dr Marina Warner, Professor of Literature, Film and Theatre at the University of Essex. Price includes admission to Alice in Wonderland, lunch and refreshments. £30 (£15 concessions), booking required. For tickets, call 0151 702 7400.

In addition, on the Saturday 19th November from 9.30am – 1pm, Tate Liverpool will host a Postgraduate Research Forum entitled Alice Culture: The Endurance of Wonderland. This event will give current postgraduates students, and those who have recently graduated, the opportunity to share and consider all things Alice. From Lewis Carroll to feminist theory to photography and language, we welcome a wide range of cross-disciplinary approaches to discuss the enduring enthusiasm for, and inspiration of, Wonderland. £5, booking required. For tickets, call 0151 702 7400. 


Tate Liverpool  The Auditorium

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