Symposium: Out of the Archives – Artists, Images and History @ Tate Modern

Filipa Cesar, Black Balance (work in progress), 2010

Out of the Archives: Artists, Images and History, Friday 18th November 10.30-17.30 and Saturday 20th November 10.30-17.30, Tate Modern Starr Auditorium

Drawing on contemporary art practice, this two-day international conference at Tate Modern explores the relationship between historical research and artists’ methods and processes when working with recorded images found in archives. Contributors address current debates around the validity of research generated through artistic strategies, how these processes complicate forms of historical narration, as well as how they inform and challenge conventional methods of historical research.

Of central concern are the aesthetic strategies and ethics of the recorded image when interrogating unrepresented and un-mined histories, and the potential of these forms of interrogation to open new social, political, and cultural discourses. The conference touches on compilation filmmaking in relation to contemporary historical events, documentary strategies, personal and collective memory, approaches to the archive across differing contexts, and the inherent complexities in encountering and working with materials of the past.

Contributors include: Sven Agustijnen, Frederique Berthet, Adam Broomberg, Filipa Cesar, Oliver Chanarin, TJ Demos, Mary Ann Doane, Nanina Guyer, Mark Nash, Colin McCabe, Naeem Mohaiemen, Laura Mulvey, Michael Renov, Zineb Sedira, Louise Sheedy, Patrik Sjoberg and Chou Yu-Ling.

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