Call for Papers: Voice and Sound

Submissions wanted for the postgraduate journal Dandelion

Articles should address the expressive power of the sonic text and image across the arts and throughout history. We particularly welcome interdisciplinary approaches to the politics and aesthetics of voice and sound.

Topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • Acoustic cultures and sound as artefact
  • The voice of stardom in cinema
  • Sound-over/voice-over: aural evocations
  • Affective aural dimensions in intermedia / new media art
  • Hybridity of soundscapes: the liminality of sound between cinema and art gallery
  • Sound in films
  • The sound of suspense/the drama of silence
  • Aural traces and the sonic archive
  • The gendered voice
  • Literary representations of music
  • Sound on stage
  • Sound poetry
  • Voice in the clinical/psychoanalytic encounter
  • Censorship and sound: bleeps, skips, reversal
  • Earworms

Interested contributors should send completed articles to Hallvard Haug and Kirstie Imber at: by 15 February 2012.

All referencing and style is required in full MHRA format as a condition of publication.

Dandelion is an online postgraduate journal and research network, supported by Roberts
funding and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). It aims to bring together a
diversity of work from researchers in the arts, to offer collaborative research and training
possibilities, and to promote an independent, cross-institutional space for professional
development. To find out more about Dandelion go to:

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