Conference: British Design – Space and Place 1948-2012

The V&A in Collaboration with the Modern Interiors Research Centre, Kingston University, Friday 11th – Saturday 12th May 2012

This conference, organised by the V&A and the Modern Interiors Research Centre at Kingston University, to coincide with the V&A’s major exhibition British Design 1948-2012 Innovation in the Modern Age, which runs from the 31st March through to the 12th August 2012, explores the domestic spaces in which we live, the places in which we are educated, where we shop and how we travel from the perspective of world class British design in the post-war period. Speakers include: David Kynaston, Owen Hatherley, Thomas Heatherwick, Alison Clarke, Cheryl Buckley, Paul Gorman and Jules Lubbock. For tickets, please contact the V&A Bookings Office on 020 7942 2211 or online at The conference will take place in the Hochhauser Auditorium, Sackler Centre, SW7 2RL

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