Call for Papers: Colloquia – An Open Journal of Radical Ideas

Colloquia: An Open Journal of Radical Ideas; Call for Papers deadline 30 October 2012

Colloquia is a new cross-disciplinary academic journal created by an Edinburgh-based collective, with a focus on the open publishing ethos espoused by the recent ‘academic spring’. We are accepting submissions of articles and other contributions from any discipline, and will publish our first issue at the start of next year. Anonymous peer review, coupled with constructive feedback, will be essential to our goal of facilitating high quality discussion and debate. We are therefore actively seeking specialists to review articles within their field. If you wish to be added to our list of reviewers, please get in touch at Colloquia will be available in print for a small cost, and online for free.

Submissions should be sent to, and should reflect our principles and guidelines. Our first deadline will be the 30th October 2012, but we will accept submissions on a rolling basis throughout the year. Accepted articles will where possible be published in the next issue, but publication might be delayed for reasons of space or organisation. Any questions should be directed to

Our Principles:

• We are interested in exploring radical alternatives to the current political consensus, from any ideological position or none.

• We want to break down boundaries and encourage debate. All our issues will be open access, available for free online. We will accept submissions from anyone, including undergraduates, postgraduates, teaching staff, and unaffiliated researchers. Colloquia is a cross-disciplinary journal and welcome contributions from all fields.

• We believe in equality and respect between individuals. Articles must use non-discriminatory language and adhere to our safe space policy. Contributions will be rejected if they do not meet these standards.

• We believe that essential to the pursuit of radical alternatives is the inclusion of voices that often go unheard by the political and academic establishment. Possession of formal qualifications is not a necessary prerequisite for submission. With a view to maintaining standards without excluding those who lack formal training or confidence, our editorial collective will, where possible, aim to offer assistance with writing style and structure. This process will be collaborative and sensitive to the style and aim of the submission. Guidelines for Submission

• Academic articles should ideally be between 2,000 and 6,000 words, not including bibliography. Where justified, longer submissions will be considered.

• Referencing should be clear and consistent, and may be changed to match the style of the journal. All articles should include a full bibliography.

• Submissions should ideally push boundaries and explore new ideas.

• Articles will undergo anonymous peer-review by volunteers from your field. Please provide an anonymous .pdf, .doc or .odt, as well as separate biographical information. We will aim to return submissions, with feedback, within a month.

• Whilst our main focus is academic articles, we will accept other submissions, including reviews, comment pieces, responses, and visual media. We will even accept electronic media such as video or music, although for obvious reasons such submissions cannot be published in print, but could appear on our website.

• All images, graphs etc. must be submitted at a minimum resolution of 300 d.p.i.

• Final decision on whether or not to publish an article rests with the editorial collective. Decisions will be reached through consensus. We will never reject an article without explaining why.

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