Research Seminar: ‘Edward Carpenter and the Domestic Interior’

ecPaul Mellon Centre, Wednesday 20th February 5.30-8pm

Michael Hatt (University of Warwick) ‘Edward Carpenter and the Domestic Interior’. These research seminars are intended to showcase original and stimulating research in all areas of British art and architectural history. They will take the form of hour-long talks, followed by questions and drinks, and are geared to scholars, curators, conservators, art-trade professionals and research students working on the history of British art. The papers given in this first series of research seminars will be delivered by members of The Paul Mellon Centre’s Advisory Council. 

The Research Seminars may be recorded, and the resulting recordings may be used to publicise the Paul Mellon Centre’s academic activities (on the website etc.). Recordings will also be retained permanently in the archive and made available for research purposes.

In order to help plan for these events, it is essential to check availability and let the Centre know which individual research seminars you would like to attend, by emailing the Centre’s Events Co-ordinator, Ella Fleming, on efleming@paul-mellon-, at least two days in advance.

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