Next Meeting of the British Art Discussion Group


Tuesday 9th April, Tate Britain, 4.30pm

The British Art Discussion Group is a forum of graduate British art researchers who meet to share and discuss current research on modern and contemporary British art. The next meeting of the British Art Discussion Group will take place on Tuesday 9th April at Tate Britain at a new time of 4.30pm. Claire Yearwood, a doctoral student at the University of Bristol, will open the discussion with a presentation on ‘The Pre-Raphaelite Mirror’.

The meeting will be held in one of the Tate’s meeting rooms, and so attendees will need to meet once more as a group beforehand and go to the room together – as a result, those interested in coming should congregate outside the Manton entrance to the gallery at 4.15pm and go from there. The organisers would appreciate it if you could email them if you plan to attend so that a security pass can be prepared for each attendee. If you are interested in attending, please contact Greg Salter ( or Kate Aspinall (

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