Exhibition: Alexis Hunter & Jo Spence


Richard Saltoun, 22 August –  27 September 2013

This exhibition will show rarely seen work by Jo Spence and Alexis Hunter, two important feminist artists working with photography.  Spence and Hunter were both active in the women’s art movement in 1970s London and their work deals with issues of representation, trauma, race and sexuality. Challenging cultural gender stereotypes and photography as a medium, both artists eventually focused their critique on the photographic portrait. Infusing the studio or family portrait with performance and role play Spence and Hunter interrogated the invisible narratives of class aspiration and female oppression that circulate behind these common-place images.

Although Spence and Hunter came from different backgrounds and never worked together collectively, this joint exhibition notices the parallels and disjunctions between these two contemporaneous artists, opening up a dialogue between them. The exhibition will include Hunter’s series of Xeroxes and photographs alongside a selection of Spence’s Phototherapy works.

Jo Spence & Alexis Hunter has been curated by George Vasey and will be accompanied by a catalogue with commissioned writing from Beth Bramich, Nina Wakeford and Louisa Lee that will explore the influence of Alexis Hunter and Jo Spence to a current generation of artists, writers and academics. There will be a screening on the 26th of September alongside the exhibition to coincide with the Fitrovia late in September.


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