Symposium: Contemporary Painting in Context


A  one-day symposium at the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Ar on December 13th 2013, held to accompany the Tate Britain exhibition Painting Now: Five Contemporary Artists  

The symposium, which has been organized as a collaborative venture between the Paul Mellon Centre and Tate Britain, is designed to offer a critical investigation of contemporary British painting in relation to:

a) other forms of current artistic practice
b) longer-term histories of painting
c) prevalent modes of critical theory
d) the protocols and demands of modern curatorship

Why, at a time when many artists work without obligation to medium, do some artists choose to paint and to what end? How does such artists? work draw upon and revise the precedents provided by the painting of the recent and more distant past? What kinds of critical theory serve as stimulating resources for painters, and for the analysis of painting, in the present day? And how have contemporary curators shaped the presentation and understanding of painting as part of advanced artistic practice?

In addressing these and other questions, the symposium will seek to place contemporary British painting, and the works featured in the Tate Britain show in particular, within new critical and historical contexts.

Contemporary Painting in Context will feature discussions with and by the curators of Painting Now, Andrew Wilson and Clarrie Wallis. We also welcome contributions from other artists, critics, curators and scholars involved or interested in contemporary British painting. These contributions are envisaged as taking the form of 20 minute papers dealing with the kinds of questions outlined above.

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