Exhibition: Monica Ross, valentine

England & Co, 28 November – 20 December 2014

This exhibition presents a collection of objects associated with the production of Monica Ross’ important artist book valentine. The book has an elliptical narrative that loops around Ross’ first encounter with Michelangelo’s Sistine Madonna and traces other affective reactions to the work as well as its reproduction and potential degradation through the ubiquity of the cherubs that famously rest on the painting’s lower frame edge.

Monica Ross, valentine presents an important nexus of the artists’ concerns from performance, a film records a studio performance in which Ross goes through the inventory of objects, to drawing, artists’ books and theory, her own copies of Walter Benjamin are displayed showing her palimpsestic notations. It is an essential first step in rethinking the body of Ross’ powerful work and coincides with a symposium and the launch of a digital archive of her work at the British Library (which will include a recording of the symposium proceedings).


For more information on the artist: http://www.monicaross.org/Monica_Ross_home.html

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