Henry Moore: Back to a Land

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

07 March – 06 September 2015

The mystery of what is under the shroud is somewhat akin to the mystery in poetry. It is this element of the unknown that fascinates me in caves and the holes in the sides of hills – you don’t know what is there until you look and explore into them. Mystery plays a large and enlivening part in our lives; not knowing but wanting to know, wondering and guessing, questioning and exploring.” Henry Moore 1974

Photo © Jonty Wilde

The exhibition not only explores the artist’s radical notion of placing sculpture in the landscape – large scale sculptures greet the visitor on arrival at the Park and are displayed against the beautiful and historic vistas of the Bothy Garden – but the importance of earth in Moore’s creative thinking. Arch Rock, Ice Berg, Rocky Landscape and numerous other drawings, some rarely seen in public, along with a range of sculptures exploring scale and the interplay between internal and external spaces, emphasise the artist’s constant investigation of land, from the black coal seams of his hometown and the rich geology of Britain, to the mystical ancient forms of Stonehenge.

The exhibition also presents an opportunity to explore the man behind the practice with a carefully selected display of personal artifacts, notes, sketches and photographs, curated in collaboration with the artist’s daughter, Mary Moore.

For more details see: http://www.ysp.co.uk/exhibitions/henry-moore-back-to-a-land