CFP: ‘Visual Print Culture in Europe: techniques, genres, imagery and markets in a comparative perspective 1500-1850.’

5-6 December 2015

University of Warwick Palazzo and Conference Centre, Venice

CFP deadline: 1 June 2015

Visual Print Culture in Europe 1500-1850 aims to draw together scholars with a range of disciplinary skills to discuss the methods, representational forms, and distribution of and audience for visual print media in Europe between 1500 and 1850.  Its seeks to de-nationalize the study of visual print culture, and to explore the extent to which interactions between engravers and printers, artists and consumers in Europe, and a range of common representational practices produced a genuinely European visual print culture – with local modulations, but nonetheless with a common core.

Papers can draw on a range of disciplinary backgrounds in exploring the exchange of techniques and processes, the analysis of imagery, and the identification of markets, and in analysing the conditions under which particular generic forms crossed or failed to cross national boundaries.  Although the emphasis is on European visual print culture, the impact of that culture on, and its interaction with, the wider world is also of interest.


The Conference organisers, acting under the European History Research Centre are: Mark Philp (History, EHRC Director, Warwick at, Kate Astbury (French Studies, Warwick), Mark Knights (History, Warwick) and David Taylor (English, Warwick).

Proposals for papers should be submitted to June 1st 2015 but please feel free to contact Mark Philp in advance with any queries.

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